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This site was inspired by Genevieve Maynard.
Every artist deserves a fan-site. So here's one for Ms Maynard. It's not often one comes across an artist who has this sort of talent. Be it her vocal work, guitar work, production work or any other work, it is obvious Maynard works hard at her craft and thoroughly enjoys it too.

This site aims to provide accurate information.
It is not in any way associated with the official site (and I sincerely recommend you go there). It does however hope to perhaps provide a different scope.

The idea to make a fan site came upon the suggestion of a friend, and it's well known that once I'm given an idea I'm inclined to act upon it (no matter how stupid it is).
So, one day in a hasty form of procrastination I started fiddling with some things and this site was created. Since then it has changed (because originally it was crap, imho) and it has now settled on a nice layout I like. The encouragement of certain individuals is keeping it going.

Hope you have fun while you browse this site. Maybe I'll turn it into a super-site one day. Maybe this will never get updated. Only time can tell.


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